Reasons WHY You Should Exercise

Low angle view of dedicated men doing chin-ups in crossfit gym

I’m on a mission at Bisbee’s Fitness, to vastly improve people’s lives because I am surrounded by family members that have died too young from certain diseases like cancer and obesity, and these health conditions can be vastly reduced if you exercise and eat healthily. This blog I will discuss the other many benefits of […]

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Why Warming Up Is Essential


  Just like my blog yesterday I talked about how I had templates to design exercise programs, I use templates for my warm ups with clients as well. Warm ups are essential to do before you lift heavy weights because you want to make sure you have your mind right but most importantly you want […]

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Programming 101

Dedicated man flipping tire in crossfit gym

Newsflash, I create the same workout program for everyone. Template that is, the exercise selection is different for every one of my clients, but the template is the same. If I have a severely deconditioned client, we spend more time on the warm up and less time during the actual “workout,” but it’s all the […]

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Hack Your Way To A Stronger, Healthier, You!


Life hacks are simple ways to make your life easier. To anything ranging from using a rubber band to keep a door from latching. If your room smells bad- tape a dryer sheet over the AC unit and turn it on and if you need an expensive cookbook holder- use a pants hanger. As you […]

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The Top 5 Worst Diets


First of all, this isn’t a post bashing diets; this is a blog about the worst diets out there. I’m not a big proponent on diets, but I also know every body is different and the National Weight Control Registry is evidence of that. They have been logging how people have been losing weight since […]

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Why Fat Is Not The Enemy

Walnuts on whote background - studio shot

One of the questions that I get asked a lot is “If I eat healthily, I’m hungry 30 minutes later. How can I fix this?” 95% of the time the reason why a person gets hungry so fast is that they don’t have enough fat in their diet. Eating the proper amount of fat per […]

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Track Your Way To Success


Being successful is an easy concept, it’s just very hard to follow through. Successful people are excellent at the small things.  If you want to be successful at anything, start tracking it. Want to save your money? Print out three months worth of bank statements to see how much you need to live on and […]

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Thoughts on Burke and Kids with Sports


I had the distinct honor and pleasure of introducing Brian Burke to Brooks and the County of Newell last night at the Small Business Awards. I knew a little about him because I’m a Toronto Leafs fan and I remember when he was the GM there. Now he is the president of hockey operations for […]

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Ten Exercises To Get Insanely Strong


The blog that I wrote yesterday, I laid the foundation of how to get strong. Now I’m going to list the exercises in no particular order. 1.Hay Bailers- This exercise activates your core like no other and works on that proximal stability. After a while of incorporating this exercise, you will get STRONG in all […]

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