The House That Built Me

2015-06-29 20.14.28-1

My Approach to Everything Fitness   There’s a term for relationship building. First you got to build the foundation and then you can build into bigger and better things and when it comes to fitness I believe it’s no different. What drove me back in the fitness industry was of my back injury which you […]

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Why CrossFit Can Make You Fat

This isn’t a shaming article on CrossFit, there are a lot of things that CrossFit does right like they build an amazing community that enjoy exercise. However this is about how CrossFit and other types of high intense interval training can do more damage than good if you don’t recover properly. High-Intensity interval training is […]

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Everyone has them, including personal trainers. We’re all human. This blog is to show you that everyone including elite athletes experience setbacks. Recently I took a kettlebell certification called Strong First (SFG) it’s the gold standard towards kettlebell certifications. Think of black belt in karate. I have been training really hard for this- three years […]

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