Hack Your Way To A Stronger, Healthier, You!


Life hacks are simple ways to make your life easier. To anything ranging from using a rubber band to keep a door from latching. If your room smells bad- tape a dryer sheet over the AC unit and turn it on and if you need an expensive cookbook holder- use a pants hanger. As you […]

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3 Exercises That Will Get You A Flat Stomach


Before we talk about the exercises that can help you get a toned stomach, I would like to talk to you about nutrition. Quite honestly almost any exercise can help you get the stomach you always wanted, but I find these three exercises have the most success with my clients and myself. For nutrition, you […]

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When Sickness Invades Your Household


What To Do When You Are Sick It’s flu season! My two kids had the sniffles for a few days now, and it wasn’t until today that my whole family got it including me, my infant son and my daughter. Getting the sick is inevitable especially if you have kids that are just starting out […]

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