Programming 101

Dedicated man flipping tire in crossfit gym

Newsflash, I create the same workout program for everyone. Template that is, the exercise selection is different for every one of my clients, but the template is the same. If I have a severely deconditioned client, we spend more time on the warm up and less time during the actual “workout,” but it’s all the […]

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A Goal Within A Goal

Dedicated man lifting barbell in crossfit gym

Some of you have been following my progress in regards to me on my journey to get SFG certified. The SFG for those of you that don’t know means Strong First Girya with the kettlebell. Regarding martial arts think of the SFG as the black belt for all of the kettlebell certifications. For the past […]

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Information Age


We live in an information age. There is so much information out there at people’s fingertips that it’s not as sacred as it once was. Do you remember the Britannica Encyclopedias? Now it’s incredibly easy to search for information especially with the help of the likes of Google and Wikipedia. How do you know if […]

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