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I have been told if you look up in the dictionary “persistence” you will come across my face in the dictionary. I was quite flattered by that comment especially since it came from someone who I highly respect in the fitness industry. From trying to get into the military as a firefighter, I never gave […]

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Fear is an emotion that should be acknowledged and you should move on. The idea that you should embrace fear is garbage because by embracing fear that means you are elevating it which you are only making matters worse for yourself.  To really understand fear it should be broken down into a two categories. A […]

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The Essence of Breathing


The Essence of Breathing   One of the very first things that we learned to do when we were born was to breathe. By definition essence means the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, determining its character. Breathing even though it’s something we take for granted in order to be the […]

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