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This is it…The quickest way to destroy pain and eliminate fatigue while putting a smile on your face in a welcoming and caring environment.

Scott’s training style on average tends to gravitate somewhere in the middle mixing resistance training with interval training resulting in both Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) and Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT). Within each style are a variety of combinations available with respect to equipment utilized and exercises performed, the possibilities are endless! So let’s figure out what is the right fit for you!

I decided to join Bisbee’s Fitness because I was in poor health had no energy and I wanted to look better. The results that I have achieved since starting the program was I have more energy and I look better also I gained more muscle. What I like best about Bisbee’s Fitness is the time I started I knew this was the place to get in shape. It has a professional and friendly atmosphere and having a trainer helped succeed my goals. What I would say to someone on the fence about joining Bisbee’s is to invest! Don’t look at the cost, everything in life comes with a price. It was well worth the investment and I don’t want to stop. The equipment is unique and top notch it gets the job done.– Maureen

The Evolution of Fitness

Scott believes that certain styles are better for different people, and at times a combination of styles work best. There are multiple methods out there and a lot of trainers fit hard core into one specific camp (Crossfit or HIIT) There are a number of things to consider when choosing the most appropriate training method.


    Personal Fitness Goals (weight loss, weight gain, increased strength, increased power etc.)


    Injuries and or contraindications (Scott is a certified Orthopedic and Exercise Specialist through ACE)


    Equipment availability (fully equipped gym vs. limited home equipment)


    Time to commit to workout( 30 vs. 60 minutes, 3 vs. 4-6 days/wk)

A Passion For Fitness

Scott always had the fitness bug, he can remember the first time he got his first set of weights when he was 12 and he never put them down since! Scott first became a personal trainer through the NSCA when he was 17 and followed his other passion to become a firefighter with the Canadian Forces at the ripe age of 20! He served four years and he finally decided to follow his dream and open up his very own personal training business, and he has been training clients ever since.

  • ACE-American Council on Exercise

    Scott Bisbee is a certified personal trainer through ACE-American Council on Exercise

  • TRX Certified

    Scott is also TRX certified as well as the TRX RIP Trainer

  • Nutrition Coach

    Certified through Precision Nutrition as a PN nutrition coach

  • Kettlebell Certification

    SFG kettlebell instructor through Strong First

Bisbee’s is a mobile training program.

We will bring the gym to you, your work, a park or any location you want within Brooks & the County of Newell, or you can have sessions in our private facility- your choice!

Our Certifications

  • Scott Bisbee is a certified personal trainer through ACE-American Council on Exercise (http://www.acefitness.org/) he owns an award winning personal training studio called Bisbee’s Fitness Experience located in Brooks, Alberta, Canada.
  • Bisbee’s Fitness Experience won an award through the local Chamber of Commerce for new business of the year back in 2013.
  • Scott is also TRX certified as well as the TRX RIP Trainer (https://www.trxtraining.com/) Scott believes that in order to really make a difference in his clients lives fitness is only one side of the equation, you have to have nutrition as well that’s why he is a certified through Precision Nutrition as a PN nutrition coach through as well. (http://www.precisionnutrition.com/)
  • They are at the forefront of the fitness industry when it comes to nutrition and just recently Scott got certified as an SFG kettlebell instructor through Strong First (http://www.strongfirst.com/)
  • Bisbee’s Fitness’s tagline is “The Evolution of Fitness” and Scott firmly believes that by getting top notch certifications so he can deliver results to his clients
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