How To Get Insanely Strong


Being strong is mostly a mindset, you have to believe in yourself in such a way that anything is possible. Look at strongmen, for instance; they do incredible feats and defy logic most of the time. Do you think they doubt themselves halfway through an event when they are about to do something crazy whether […]

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Build Muscle FAST with these Complex Movements!

Low section of dedicated man lifting barbell in crossfit gym

Complex exercises are 2 or more exercises without putting the weight down. Whether it’s a barbell, kettlebell or bodyweight, no rest in between exercises.  To help you understand what a complex movement is I can’t help but think when I was in grade one and we learned all about compound words. Compound means a thing […]

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3 Exercises That Will Get You A Flat Stomach


Before we talk about the exercises that can help you get a toned stomach, I would like to talk to you about nutrition. Quite honestly almost any exercise can help you get the stomach you always wanted, but I find these three exercises have the most success with my clients and myself. For nutrition, you […]

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5 Exercise Variations That You Should Include In Your Programming

Man and woman hitting tire with sledgehammer in crossfit gym

To get results you need to master the basics. Squat, press, hinge, carry, etc.  There are many different variations of the basic movement patterns and here are some great exercises that you can do and incorporate into your programming right away. Besides, if the weight isn’t moving up in the standard lifts try these variations […]

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The House That Built Me

2015-06-29 20.14.28-1

My Approach to Everything Fitness   There’s a term for relationship building. First you got to build the foundation and then you can build into bigger and better things and when it comes to fitness I believe it’s no different. What drove me back in the fitness industry was of my back injury which you […]

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Fixing Your Weak Links (Part 4)

Shoulder, pain, painful.

Fixing Your Weak Links (Part 4) It was about a week before my SFG (Strong First Girya) kettlebell certification and something happened with my shoulder. I couldn’t do even a naked press with my left arm without intense pain in my shoulder.  I was extremely worried about this because I knew during the weekend we […]

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The Top 5 Tools of the Trade


Top 5 Tools of the Trade With this entry I am going to feature a top five list of fitness tools I think everyone should experience in their fitness programming. They are in no particular order.   Kettlebells – Kettlebells are probably the most versatile pieces of equipment on this list.  If you want to […]

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The Top 15 “Gyms” In North America

The Top 15 “Gyms” In North America To Put On Your Bucket List  The reason why I have “gyms” in brackets is because I really feel these places are more than gyms. They’ve created a community amongst their clients and that is really the best thing of all! That is why I love what I […]

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What I Wish I Knew Now That I Didn’t Know Then

No, this isn’t the song sung famously by Toby Keith…. But this article is about the benefits of kettlebells especially towards first responders. When I was a firefighter I wish I knew about kettlebells because kettlebells and first responders are a match made in heaven. Let me explain – Kettlebells can make you insanely strong […]

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