Habit Your Way To Success!


Yesterday in my blog I discussed why calorie counting isn’t the way to go. Well, how do you accomplish your goals then? By nutritional habits! Here are some of the nutrition habits that I give to people: Eat slowly Eat complete lean protein with each meal, Eat healthy fats daily, Eat whole foods instead of […]

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If you were to use a microscope, you would see carbohydrates are simple molecules. They are classified according to their structure; you have simple and complex. Simple carbs are smaller, more easily processed molecules known as monosaccharides and disaccharides, because they contain either one sugar molecule or two sugar molecules linked together. Complex carbs are […]

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Essential Supplements (Part 2)


Protein Proteins are organic molecules made up of amino acids joined together by chemical bonds and then folded in different ways to create three-dimensional structures that are important to our body’s functioning. There are two main categories of amino acids in the body. Essential amino acids-those that the body can’t manufacture and we must consume […]

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