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I have been told if you look up in the dictionary “persistence” you will come across my face in the dictionary. I was quite flattered by that comment especially since it came from someone who I highly respect in the fitness industry. From trying to get into the military as a firefighter, I never gave […]

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The Cost of Doing Business

Portrait of confident woman exercising in crossfit gym

I have been in business for five years. What I like about being an entrepreneur is it’s all on me to create my destiny. I have made my share of mistakes one of them is not being firm with my prices. A big NO when it comes to business, and it’s taken me a while […]

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Information Age


We live in an information age. There is so much information out there at people’s fingertips that it’s not as sacred as it once was. Do you remember the Britannica Encyclopedias? Now it’s incredibly easy to search for information especially with the help of the likes of Google and Wikipedia. How do you know if […]

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The Future Is NOW


Space X is doing remarkable things. They want humans to go to Mars in 35 years, and they will do it. You know how I know? They are relentless in pursuit of their goal, and they won’t take no for an answer. Let me explain. A few weeks ago they had a remarkable failure with […]

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Fear is an emotion that should be acknowledged and you should move on. The idea that you should embrace fear is garbage because by embracing fear that means you are elevating it which you are only making matters worse for yourself.  To really understand fear it should be broken down into a two categories. A […]

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When Survival Is Your Only Option


Yesterday I was discussing how a lack of sleep can play a huge role in your performance. Today I’m going to talk about the cause of some of the lack of sleep out there, especially for young parents. Kids. You see right now my youngest who is five months old is teething and he is […]

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?


I may be showing my age here but does anyone remember that show that was on YTV years ago? It was about a bunch of kids who spoke scary stories about a campfire. This blog isn’t quite like this, but it’s about the dark. There is new research coming out that light pollution can disrupt […]

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The Political Dead


I see a disturbing trend going on. Some of it has to do with the US election right now, people are drawing up lines in the proverbial sand. Picking sides. Putting others down while they make their point. I started to enjoy talking politics but once names start to be called, I’m out. I think […]

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Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

People weightlifting in crossfit gym

I have been training for my SFG certification for quite some time. Four years to be exact. For those of you that have accomplished this goal you know, it’s no laughing matter. When I first started training with kettlebells, I could hardly do a Turkish Get Up with a 12kg kettlebell and now I can […]

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The Top 5 Productivity Apps


In the past few blogs, I have discussed the benefits of how good habits can change your life. Well, how do you start you may ask? I understand sometimes it could be hard just to do it and sometimes you may need that little nip in the bud to start. Well, that’s where technology can […]

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