Habit Your Way To Success!


Yesterday in my blog I discussed why calorie counting isn’t the way to go. Well, how do you accomplish your goals then? By nutritional habits! Here are some of the nutrition habits that I give to people: Eat slowly Eat complete lean protein with each meal, Eat healthy fats daily, Eat whole foods instead of […]

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Essential Supplements (Part One)


FISH OIL   I am a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition and I really like their stance on supplements. They are just that – meaning supplements are not supposed to take away from a healthy well balanced nutrient plan. They are supposed to supplement your diet if you know you are not taking enough […]

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Family History


I’m going to be a little personal here and talk about why I’m a big advocate of health and fitness – why I do what I do. I started Bisbee’s Fitness in honour of my aunt who passed away. She was morbidly obese and cancer spread throughout her entire body like wildfire. This makes sense […]

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How to go From Buldged disc to Feeling Invincible!


“You look like crap go home” Those were the words uttered from my military boss and I have never felt happier! What happened was I exercised the day before doing squats and as I was coming up from the deep end I HEARD something snap in my lower back! The thing was it wasn’t like […]

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