I began walking to lose weight 7 years ago. All was going well and then I had plateaued out and was getting bored with my workouts. I had heard about Bisbee’s through a friend and decided I needed someone to guide me and get some variety back into my workouts. Since starting the program I have not only lost some weight but I have also toned (found) muscles I never knew I had. I really enjoyed having Scott push me that little bit harder each workout. I find it a lot eaiser to remain committed when I have someone who is expecting me to be there. I would definetly recommmend Bisbee’s because not only the variety in the personal training but the classes are awesome as well.– Meredith
I decided to join Bisbee’s Fitness because I was in poor health had no energy and I wanted to look better. The results that I have achieved since starting the program was I have more energy and I look better also I gained more muscle. What I like best about Bisbee’s Fitness is from the moment I started I knew this was the place to get in shape. It has a professional and friendly atmosphere and having a trainer helped succeed my goals. What I would say to someone on the fence about joining Bisbee’s is to invest! Don’t look at the cost, everything in life comes with a price. It was well worth the investment and I don’t want to stop. The equipment is unique and top notch it gets the job done.– Maureen



After having kids I found it difficult to lose weight and keep it off. I tried many programs and diets but struggled with motivation. I needed something to make me accountable..that’s when I turned to Bisbee’s Fitness. In my six months at Bisbee’s I lost 15lbs and completely changed my physique. Most of all I felt great inside and out. I finally found a program that kept me accountable and motivated. What I like best about having a trainer is Scott pushes you to acheive things that I didn’t know was physically possible. You get the absolute most out of your workout because of it. You know you are walking out of the gym feeling accomplished. What I would say to someone that’s on the fence about joining is its a no brainer…the benefits outweigh the cost!– Rachelle


I want to say how pleased I am with the results from joining Bisbee’s gym online personal training. In 27 wks I have lost 30.5inches and 60lbs!  I am stronger and feel better then ever!  It’s a lifestyle change and I’m not done yet! Thank-you!– Jaime