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I have been told if you look up in the dictionary “persistence” you will come across my face in the dictionary. I was quite flattered by that comment especially since it came from someone who I highly respect in the fitness industry. From trying to get into the military as a firefighter, I never gave […]

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When Survival Is Your Only Option


Yesterday I was discussing how a lack of sleep can play a huge role in your performance. Today I’m going to talk about the cause of some of the lack of sleep out there, especially for young parents. Kids. You see right now my youngest who is five months old is teething and he is […]

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Sleep Issues

I have a problem …a sleeping problem and I’m not the only one. It’s a growing concern in this go go go society we live in. Besides running my brick and motor business working 12 to 14 hour days on average for four years without any long term help I think it also didn’t help […]

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Fixing Your Weak Links (Part One)

How to Overcome The Odds with a Bad Back I remember it as clear as day- as I was coming up from my warm-up set for squats I heard something pop in my lower back and it didn’t sound good! I was a military firefighter stationed at CFB Cold Lake as I was walking downstairs […]

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