The Benefits of 3D Training

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Have you ever wondered how athletes get into shape? Maybe you assumed they train for hours and hours every day and watch everything they eat. That doesn’t sound like much fun, and it gives you no incentive to become fit. But if you are like me, I bet you’d like to be in better shape. […]

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How to breathe like a Warrior!


What is the number one thing that we do subconsciously in order to survive? If you guessed breathing, you’re correct! Breathing is extremely important as it helps you to exercise better, reduces stress, become a better tactical athlete and it can even hinder your posture if you breathe wrong. In this article I’m going to […]

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The New Age of Fitness


First and foremost I am not going to tell you that my training philosophy is the right way to go, every trainer out there has a different way to train and that is ok. I like to think of personal training as an art form. Every personal trainer’s views and exercise selection are different. I […]

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