Stress Kills

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40 Days ago I set upon a challenge. I wanted to write more, so I came up with a blog per day for 40 days on my website. Although this is the last entry of my blog challenge, I was going to write about goal setting, but I came across something much more severe. I […]

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The Top 5 Worst Diets


First of all, this isn’t a post bashing diets; this is a blog about the worst diets out there. I’m not a big proponent on diets, but I also know every body is different and the National Weight Control Registry is evidence of that. They have been logging how people have been losing weight since […]

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Why Fat Is Not The Enemy

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One of the questions that I get asked a lot is “If I eat healthily, I’m hungry 30 minutes later. How can I fix this?” 95% of the time the reason why a person gets hungry so fast is that they don’t have enough fat in their diet. Eating the proper amount of fat per […]

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Track Your Way To Success


Being successful is an easy concept, it’s just very hard to follow through. Successful people are excellent at the small things.  If you want to be successful at anything, start tracking it. Want to save your money? Print out three months worth of bank statements to see how much you need to live on and […]

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Habit Your Way To Success!


Yesterday in my blog I discussed why calorie counting isn’t the way to go. Well, how do you accomplish your goals then? By nutritional habits! Here are some of the nutrition habits that I give to people: Eat slowly Eat complete lean protein with each meal, Eat healthy fats daily, Eat whole foods instead of […]

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Why Calorie Counting Doesn’t Help


The old way to lose weight would be to count your calories and make sure you are burning more calories then what you are taking in. But it’s not so simple; a calorie isn’t a calorie. What you see on the package doesn’t necessarily mean it has that exact number of calories. Everybody is different, […]

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If you were to use a microscope, you would see carbohydrates are simple molecules. They are classified according to their structure; you have simple and complex. Simple carbs are smaller, more easily processed molecules known as monosaccharides and disaccharides, because they contain either one sugar molecule or two sugar molecules linked together. Complex carbs are […]

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3 Exercises That Will Get You A Flat Stomach


Before we talk about the exercises that can help you get a toned stomach, I would like to talk to you about nutrition. Quite honestly almost any exercise can help you get the stomach you always wanted, but I find these three exercises have the most success with my clients and myself. For nutrition, you […]

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When Sickness Invades Your Household


What To Do When You Are Sick It’s flu season! My two kids had the sniffles for a few days now, and it wasn’t until today that my whole family got it including me, my infant son and my daughter. Getting the sick is inevitable especially if you have kids that are just starting out […]

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