Miracle Morning

Woman Meditating

  I have just started my Miracle Morning today. If you don’t know what that is, I highly suggest reading Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Miracle Morning is basically about you get up early in the morning before everyone else, and you do things like write, pray (or meditate) write affirmations and exercise. This should […]

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The Essence of Breathing


The Essence of Breathing   One of the very first things that we learned to do when we were born was to breathe. By definition essence means the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, determining its character. Breathing even though it’s something we take for granted in order to be the […]

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Essential Supplements (Part 3 of 3)


Greens If you know you are not getting enough nutrients from food then I highly suggest looking into supplements. Supplements are not supposed to replace your food intake- they are supposed to enhance it and Greens is no different. Did you know less than 1% of men and 4% of women ages 18 to 24, […]

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Essential Supplements (Part 2)


Protein Proteins are organic molecules made up of amino acids joined together by chemical bonds and then folded in different ways to create three-dimensional structures that are important to our body’s functioning. There are two main categories of amino acids in the body. Essential amino acids-those that the body can’t manufacture and we must consume […]

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Essential Supplements (Part One)


FISH OIL   I am a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition and I really like their stance on supplements. They are just that – meaning supplements are not supposed to take away from a healthy well balanced nutrient plan. They are supposed to supplement your diet if you know you are not taking enough […]

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The House That Built Me

2015-06-29 20.14.28-1

My Approach to Everything Fitness   There’s a term for relationship building. First you got to build the foundation and then you can build into bigger and better things and when it comes to fitness I believe it’s no different. What drove me back in the fitness industry was of my back injury which you […]

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Fixing Your Weak Links (Part 4)

Shoulder, pain, painful.

Fixing Your Weak Links (Part 4) It was about a week before my SFG (Strong First Girya) kettlebell certification and something happened with my shoulder. I couldn’t do even a naked press with my left arm without intense pain in my shoulder.  I was extremely worried about this because I knew during the weekend we […]

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The Top 5 Tools of the Trade


Top 5 Tools of the Trade With this entry I am going to feature a top five list of fitness tools I think everyone should experience in their fitness programming. They are in no particular order.   Kettlebells – Kettlebells are probably the most versatile pieces of equipment on this list.  If you want to […]

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I was reading the newest edition of Success magazine the other day and I came across an article called Balance Life and Work. It was basically about how certain successful people balance life with work and it got me thinking about how we as fitness professionals struggle with this. I also thought about how some […]

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Risky Business

Risky Business The first thing I think of when I hear Risky Business is that movie made Tom Cruise. But this isn’t about the movie this is about something completely different.   Risk vs. Reward. Being in the fitness industry I know most of you have heard this. It means picking the right exercise to […]

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