Track Your Way To Success


Being successful is an easy concept, it’s just very hard to follow through. Successful people are excellent at the small things.  If you want to be successful at anything, start tracking it. Want to save your money? Print out three months worth of bank statements to see how much you need to live on and […]

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Thoughts on Burke and Kids with Sports


I had the distinct honor and pleasure of introducing Brian Burke to Brooks and the County of Newell last night at the Small Business Awards. I knew a little about him because I’m a Toronto Leafs fan and I remember when he was the GM there. Now he is the president of hockey operations for […]

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Ten Exercises To Get Insanely Strong


The blog that I wrote yesterday, I laid the foundation of how to get strong. Now I’m going to list the exercises in no particular order. 1.Hay Bailers- This exercise activates your core like no other and works on that proximal stability. After a while of incorporating this exercise, you will get STRONG in all […]

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How To Get Insanely Strong


Being strong is mostly a mindset, you have to believe in yourself in such a way that anything is possible. Look at strongmen, for instance; they do incredible feats and defy logic most of the time. Do you think they doubt themselves halfway through an event when they are about to do something crazy whether […]

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Habit Your Way To Success!


Yesterday in my blog I discussed why calorie counting isn’t the way to go. Well, how do you accomplish your goals then? By nutritional habits! Here are some of the nutrition habits that I give to people: Eat slowly Eat complete lean protein with each meal, Eat healthy fats daily, Eat whole foods instead of […]

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Why Calorie Counting Doesn’t Help


The old way to lose weight would be to count your calories and make sure you are burning more calories then what you are taking in. But it’s not so simple; a calorie isn’t a calorie. What you see on the package doesn’t necessarily mean it has that exact number of calories. Everybody is different, […]

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If you were to use a microscope, you would see carbohydrates are simple molecules. They are classified according to their structure; you have simple and complex. Simple carbs are smaller, more easily processed molecules known as monosaccharides and disaccharides, because they contain either one sugar molecule or two sugar molecules linked together. Complex carbs are […]

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Build Muscle FAST with these Complex Movements!

Low section of dedicated man lifting barbell in crossfit gym

Complex exercises are 2 or more exercises without putting the weight down. Whether it’s a barbell, kettlebell or bodyweight, no rest in between exercises.  To help you understand what a complex movement is I can’t help but think when I was in grade one and we learned all about compound words. Compound means a thing […]

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3 Exercises That Will Get You A Flat Stomach


Before we talk about the exercises that can help you get a toned stomach, I would like to talk to you about nutrition. Quite honestly almost any exercise can help you get the stomach you always wanted, but I find these three exercises have the most success with my clients and myself. For nutrition, you […]

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Why Going To The Gym Will Be Obsolete


With the emergence of Cross-Fit and “garage gyms” and boutique personal training studios. Gyms are on the way out. The big box gyms know this too, ten plus years ago it used to cost $300 to $500 per year to sign up to your local gym. Now the cost of gyms has dramatically gone done […]

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